WWW.QXSUBSPACE.COM The QX Bioresonance System works off a computer with a head and wrist bands that attach to the client. The website above give detailed information about the system itself .

It is ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY that was designed by MAITREYA LTD and captures the bodies subtle energy flows and alerts the practitioner to Emotional, Spiritual, Mental and Physical blockages Ann and Dave trained with the designer Professor Nelson and other Holistic Therapists in Mexico in 2001 In 2002 Ann and Dave became the only European Practitioners that specialized in the Higher Purpose and Spiritual use of the system trained by Quantum Alternative in Los Angeles.

Learning specifically to help clients to remove their RESISTANCE TO CHANGE to moving into their HIGHER PURPOSE in life. Which includes: Removing Emotional Blockages, Working with the Chakras and Meridians, Auric Field Capture and Diagnosis, Detecting and Clearing Entities, Past Life Clearances, Balancing of Brainwave States, Clearing Traumas, Higher Purpose Alignment, Karmic Bond Release and Clearance, Ascension Stimulation, Emotional and Neurotransmitter Balancing and a range of many other energetic Holistic therapies that are all part of the QX Suite of energetic balance.


TAI CHI AND EFT Ann has been practicing Tai Chi for over 20 years and has developed her own WORKSHOPS drawing from Taoist Styles and movement of energy to soften and enhance the flow of Chi – also known as REIKI Universal Life Force Using the Gary Craig method of Emotional Freedom Tapping she incorporates this into the Tai Chi movements to UNBLOCK BLOCKAGES IN THE FLOW OF LIFE FORCE At workshops you will also learn ORIGINS OF TAI CHI ~HOW CHI MOVES AROUND YOUR BODY PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL BENEFITS FROM TAI CHI AND EFT HOW EMOTIONAL TRAUMAS ARE STORED IN YOUR BODY AND HOW THEY CAN BE CLEARED


REIKI Ann and Dave have been Reiki Master Practitioners and Teachers since 2004 REIKI is universal life force transported by the Chakras and Meridians When the Meridians or Chakras become blocked, physical pain and trauma can occur if not treated Ann and Dave use a combination of Reiki, Crystal Energy and Aromatherapy in their workshops and attunements CRYSTAL RETAILERS AND WHOLESALERS We specialize in crystal tools for therapy and meditation and work with Ascension and Transformational crystals as well as the familiar MEDITATION AND MINDFULLNESS We practice and Teach Empowerment Meditation Workshops Kundalini and Chakra Meditation