Our Spiritual Teachers

Theo and Mary Samuel - a very enlightened couple who have both been ordained Priests of the Christian Tradition


Sisters Karuna, Jose and Diana - founders of an Interfaith Group in Osterley Hayes and members of the order of the SACRED HEART


Sister Ishpriya founder of Satsang - International Group made up of many diffrent traditions Seekers of the Truth


Tich Nhaat Han - Engaged Buddhist


Professor William Nelson Creator of Maitreya Ltd which introduced Quantum Biofeedback systems into the world of Holistic Therapies


Master Moy Lin Shin - Founder of the Taoist Tai Chi worldwide movement


Swamiji Shivkrupandanadji Founder of Samarpan Kundalini Meditation


Margaret Northwood Reiki Master


Kim Dowdell = Crystal Therapy Teacher


Chris and Trin Bourne Founders of the Openhand Organisation


Bill Wilson and Bob Smith = Founders of the 12 Step AA movement


Gary Craig Founder of Emotional Freedom Therapy


Viv Barlett - Wisdom of the Bahai Teachings


Eckhart Tolle - Wisdom of the Power of Now


Marianne Wilson - Teacher of a Course in Miracles.


Spotty, Holly, Holly, Max and Indie - Canine companions on our journey who have taught us the meaning of unconditional love